Business Tort

Business or economic torts protect people from interference with their business, profession or trade. Most business tort cases involve two theories.

Tortious interference with contract is the most common business tort theory and occurs when a tortfeasor (often a third party) convinces a party to a contract to breach that contract, or similarly, when the tortfeasor or third party intentionally disrupts the ability of a party to perform under the contract thereby causing a breach.

Tortious interference with business relationships is also a common business tort theory and usually occurs when a party acts to prevent or hinder the plaintiff from successfully establishing or maintaining business relationships. Usually the tortfeasor acts to scuddle or prevent two parties from entering into a relationship that would otherwise have occurred. A typical example of this is when false statements are made against a business or persons reputation to drive business away usually with the intent of gaining economic advantage.

Other business tort theories include contract interference, business defamation, misrepresentation, false advertising, unfair competition, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty.

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