$2.5 Million Judgment Vacated & Banks Accounts Unfrozen | Day In The Life

Today, PN attorney, Eleni Melekou, scored a big victory in the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York.

Here’s the case:

Our client gets sued for a matter that he believes he should not have even been involved in to begin with. So, for months he ignores the papers and orders that come to his house.

The court then assumes that because they have not heard from him, that he has no defense to argue. They allow the debt collector to prove their case.

They are left unopposed as they make their case.

Even a cat can get a judgment when there is nobody to argue against. We see this a lot in credit card debt lawsuits that go for a few thousand dollars.

The judgment granted by the court allows the collector to freeze your bank account for twice the amount of the judgment.

In our case, the client had a judgment entered against him for 2.5 million dollars. All his accounts were frozen.

The client came to Eleni in tears. Eleni’s main argument to the courts was that the client was sued in the wrong court. They were sued in federal court and the case belonged in state court.

The judge agreed. Case dismissed. Judgment vacated. Bank accounts unfrozen.

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