Local Queens Fashion Designer Sues VIM Jeans, After The National Retailer Obtained Her Trademarked Logo



Local Queens fashion designer Vanessa Destin, 25, is suing VIM Jeans, after the national retailer obtained her trademarked logo and began to illegally sell t-shirts.

Destin discovered cheaply printed shirts with her logo – a set of fangs chomping on a wad of bills- being sold for just 9.99 a piece at one of the clothing chain’s stores.  The designer had lawyers from Pardalis & Nohavicka send VIM cease-and-desist letters to get them to stop using her trademarked logo for her company AuFutur Clothing.

Her lawyer, Taso Pardalis, said, “This is a classic case of a big company trying to take advantage of a small designer.”
VIM did not respond to a request for comment.

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