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A Cup of Joe | Ex’s Sex Videos Used to Force Favors: Is There is a Way Out?

This week’s case brings us to Colgate University in Hamilton, located in central Upstate New York.  Other schools within 50 miles are Syracuse University, the SUNY Morrisville, Cazenovia College, Hamilton College, the SUNY Cortland, and Hartwick College. What happened at Colgate could happen anywhere. This week’s case is about trust borne of romantic intimacy and the cruel betrayal of
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A Cup of Joe | Bad Boyfriend Equals Bad Mom? Child Protection Law Update

This week’s case takes us up to Sullivan County, which starts about 70 miles northwest of New York City. Some just refer to it as the Catskill Mountains. From August 15–18, 1969, about 500,000 people gathered in Sullivan County's Town of Bethel at Max Yasgur's farm to attend the Woodstock Festival. The entertainers
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