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JD INSIDER | Weed For Rails

JD INSIDER | Weed For Rails [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfoTqWg0G2g[/embed] By: Joseph Dimitrov, Esq.  The political issue of legalization of marijuana has become very popular nationwide over the course of the last decade. The federal government has criminalized marijuana use and possession on a national level. However, the federal guidelines can only impact
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A Cup of Joe | State Denies Lotto Winner His Grand Prize

PARDALIS & NOHAVICKA NEW YORK STATE LOTTERY LAW UPDATE:  "If your prize is 'LIFE,' win $1,500 a week for life!" Unless the State Says You Lose! Do you spend a large part of your paycheck on lottery tickets? Do you purchase many scratch-off lottery tickets a day hoping to win big? This week’s case
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