Legal Consultations for the WeWork Community ft. PN Attorneys | November 19, 2019

In honor of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, all ladies were seen first at our most popular event: Office Hours with PN Lawyers | Free Legal Consultations.

Two of our leading female attorneys, Lydia Vradi & Eleni Melekou, met 1-on-1 with a number of entrepreneurs to address their legal questions and review their paperwork. They chatted in depth about topics like:

  • Employment Law: what are your rights as a contractor or freelancer?
  • How to protect yourself legally when starting a new business
  • Creating and protecting your brand through trademarks, copyrights, and patents.
  • Intellectual property for non-profit organizations
  • Hiring employees: workers compensation, taxes, and agreements.

A big thanks to our friends at WeWork Tower 49 for always welcoming us into their space!

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