Class Action Lawsuit Against NYC Claims Speed & Traffic Cameras Violate The Law

The City’s speed and red light camera programs are attempting to keep New Yorkers safe, but they are not complying with state law. 

Attorney Israel Klein has been at the forefront of this legal issue for years, arguing that speed camera and red light camera violations issued by the City are invalid due to a major technical error. 

Many of the millions of notices of liability issued to drivers do not include a technician’s certificate (certificate charging liability), as required by state law. 

“The certificate is a statement that a technician reviewed the images and finds that there are no problems,” Klein said.


Even when the certificates are obtained upon request, Mr. Klein argues that they are inadmissible as evidence because they are not notarized.

Mr. Klein has filed several class action lawsuits seeking to obtain refunds for the millions of speed camera and red light camera tickets issued since 2013. 

Sources: New York Post, NY Daily News, Fox News, Silive

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