New Year’s Eve Emergency Order To Show Cause | Day In The Life

How did PN Lawyers spend New Years Eve?

On Tuesday, New Year’s Eve, our attorneys were rushed downtown to court when opposing counsel submitted an emergency order to show cause that very day. We rang in the new year by arguing on behalf of our client, before The Honorable Judge Marin at the New York County Supreme Court. 

Here’s the story: 

Back in June, our client, a property manager, resigned and left his former employer. He ran into trouble, however, when he realized he was under an overly restrictive non-compete agreement which prevented him from working with any clients within the metro area.

Many of the former employer’s clients either had contracts that were expiring or found out that the property manager (our client) had left, so they went and sought his services instead. This left the prior employer with fewer clients and many of the buildings were set to transfer away on January 1, 2020. On New Years Eve day, the employer filed a lawsuit by emergency order to show cause in an attempt to restrain his former employee and his own client from entering into a contract with one another.

PN Attorney Gregory Nahas, appeared at the last minute, arguing that the non-compete was overly restrictive and that the entire matter should not be entertained by the court. He explained that filing such a matter on New Years Eve was merely a spiteful attempt at litigation and served no purpose other than to seek revenge on his former employee and prevent his client from doing as they wish.

The court completely agreed and denied the emergency application. Happy New Year (for us).

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