Pardalis & Nohavicka Animal Rights Law Update: Owner Must Answer For Abusing Pit Bull

The victim, a male red-nosed tan pit bull, was deprived by his owner of necessary food and drink for an extended period of time causing the victim to become highly emaciated. He was living in feces and urine covered floors within the entire house. Owner also caused unjustifiable injuries to the victim’s left rear leg (large open wound) by letting the victim live in such bad conditions and not providing proper veterinary care when needed. The victim had to be put down. Owner argued that the failure to provide veterinary care and a clean environment did not constitute a crime and that there was insufficient evidence to show that Owner was not providing proper food and drink to his dog. So, Owner’s lawyer filed a motion to dismiss. The court ruled that the arresting officer’s observations were enough to establish elements of the crime. Owner will proceed to trial to answer for harming the dog.

People v Torres

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