PARDALIS & NOHAVICKA EMPLOYMENT LAW UPDATE: New Law In New York City Will Now Afford Protection To Freelancers Who Do Not Get Paid

14859848_10154557169423162_2478031341207916045_oA New Law In NYC Will Now Give Free Protection To Freelancers Who Do Not Get Paid 

The Freelance Isn’t Free Act will assure that all workers can get paid for their work, on-time and in full. Employers will have 30 days after a freelancer renders services (or after an agreed-upon date) to make payment in full. They will also be required to provide a written contract to freelancers working on projects for which they will be paid $800 or more.

Freelancers who bring successful litigation against employers under the new law will be entitled to double damages as well as attorneys’ fees. Employers will also be prohibited from retaliating against freelancers who seek to enforce their labor rights.
Just waiting on the Mayor to give it the green light soon.


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