Adopted Russian children throughout the United States are currently being exchanged on the Internet through a process called Re-Homing without the benefit of any court or governmental supervision. Placement of the to-be Re-Homed child is made through advertising on the Internet or other public media process. There is no prior home study of the accepting person; there is no court approval of the process; there is no court supervision of the process; and, it is often accomplished with the person placing the child knowing little, if anything, of the person or persons with whom the child is placed. No adoption or foster care agency is involved.

A decision out of Nassau County Surrogate’s Court by Edward W. McCarty III, J, purports to be a first step to control Re-Homing and the unofficial adoption process. The Court urged the Legislature to amend SSL §374 to permit the temporary placement of a child where the parent is currently unable to provide sufficient care, but to prohibit the unsavory and unsupervised practice of adoptive parents ridding themselves of the responsibility of caring for their children by placing them with people whose motives and qualifications are, at best, entirely unknown.

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