Parents & Newborn Baby Separated Over Thanksgiving Day Weekend | Family Law Update

Black Friday was not so black for a precious newborn and his loving father thanks to our superwoman lawyer Ariadne!

On Thanksgiving day New York City Administration for Child Services (ACS) took a 5 day (yes 5 day) old baby away from its mother, alleging neglect.  The mother was admitted to the hospital for psychiatric treatment.  The newborn was kept at the hospital and the matter was put into the court for the appointment of a guardian.

The father contacted our office on Thanksgiving day looking for help.  The next afternoon Ariadne appeared in family court on an emergency hearing to determine what would happen with the 5 day old and demanding the child be released to the father and grandmother.

At 5:00 p.m on Black Friday, after hours of oral argument, a Family Court Judge issued a written order authorizing the release of the 5 day old. Ari took the court order and ran to the hospital with the court order and the father to bring home the newborn.

Below are pictures of Ari, the court order and the release of the newborn to his family.

What are we thankful for this year?  Ari!


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