P&N Tests The Commercial Climate of Panama

Recently, P&N was called on to conduct an on-site due-diligence inspection in Panama and to meet with one of the most important business luminaries in Latin America, Amauri Castillo, Esq., former Secretary General of the Superintendencia de Bancos Panama. 

One of the specialized services provided by P&N is international and interstate commercial due diligence. For purposes of determining the viability of foreign business opportunities, in addition to providing legal analysis employing local counsel in the target venue together with joint electronic research and electronic investigations, our firm is well-equipped to do on-site inspections. Our clients’ business and legal interests have taken the firm to London, England (trademark); Paris, France (intellectual property; Nicosia, Cyprus (federal criminal defense); Odessa, Ukraine (maritime law — COGSA) Bogota, Colombia (trademark), and, most recently, Panama City, Panama (commercial). In the very near future, our firm will be investigating commercial prospects in Cuba. The internet has erased the physical boundaries of doing business and practicing law, but the obligation to kick the tires by business attorneys you can rely on remains in the aftermath of the genesis of virtual commerce.

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