Breach of Contract

Our partner Joseph D. Nohavicka’s was recently asked by his 12 year old daughter Alexa what a Breach of Contract was. After much thought as to how to explain the legal concept of breach of contract to his young daughter Joe answered “A broken promise”.

While this is the easiest way to understand the essence of a breach of contract New York Law requires 4 elements to prove a breach of contract claim.

1. The existence of a binding contract;
2. Plaintiff’s performance of the contract;
3. Defendant’s material breach of the contract, and;
4. Damages resulting from the breach.

Contract disputes are one of the most common dilemmas a business can face. These disputes can be taxing on your business, causing stress and quickly diverting time away from productivity and the bottom line. At Pardalis & Nohavicka out goal is to avoid costly civil litigation and attempt to resolve your dispute in a fair and reasonable manner while still protecting your legal rights.

Many Breach of contract claims arise between clients, customers, distributors, vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and subcontractors, independent contractors, franchises and licensing. Other breach of contract claims arise out of employment agreements, service agreements, entertainment contract, real estate contracts, business contracts, purchase or sale agreements and construction contracts.

Our firm has prosecuted and defended thousands of breach of contract claims ranging from the simplest to the most complex. Below are a few examples of breach of contract claims we are currently handling:

Employment contract disputes arising out of wrongful termination claims, non- competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreement (NDA) claims.

Construction contract disputes arising out of work performed, change orders, delays, with respect to general contractor, sub-contractor, supplier, owners, public works, etc.

General breach of contract claims for money damages arising out of services rendered or goods provided.

Breach of contract claims for Injunctive relief and specific performance on real estate contract.

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