Singapore Man Sues Local Friend For Stealing $3M Car Collection

A Queens man drove a friend to legal action by wrongly laying claim to his $3 million car collection, according to a new lawsuit.Image result for gavel

Albert Chin, 49, sold off fancy cars that didn’t belong to him, says a lifelong pal from Singapore who asked Chin to handle his purchases in the US.

Au says he would send Chin money to buy fancy rides like a Ferrari Dino 246 GT, worth $300,000 to $400,000, or a 1994 Porsche Speedster, which can sell for up to $200,000.

Au claims, Chin was to handle the details of the purchases, arrange for any work on the cars, and store them in a Long Island warehouse. Chin’s only compensation was being allowed to drive the luxury rides, Au says in his Brooklyn federal court lawsuit.

Au claims Chin sold some of his precious cars without permission, including Au’s 2005 Superformance Cobra Mk3 and a 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider. Chin tried to say the vehicles belonged to him, according to Au.

The lawsuit seeks $3 million. Chin declined to comment.

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