Discrimination cases fall under the Civil Rights Law which protects the rights of people to allow them to fully participate in life and in the state free from discrimination and oppression. Civil Rights Law protects the freedom of people from the unwanted and illegal infringement of their rights by government or other entities.

The civil rights lawyers at Pardalis & Nohavicka, LLP represent a myriad of clients in Civil Rights litigation throughout New York City and The United States. Our attorneys protect and ensure the clients safety handling a myriad of claims in three main areas. Discrimnination, The Freedoms and Police Misconduct.

Our attorneys are experts in litigating discrimination claims based on race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and national origin.

In a recent matter our firm represented an employee who was targeted by his employer and discriminated against on multiple levels. Our client a homosexual, Jewish/African-American was discriminated against by his employer for not only his race and religion but his sexual orientation as well. Our clients manager also a homosexual would constantly make unwelcome sexual advances. When these advances were rejected the manager turned hostile and over a period of time abused our client based on his race and religion. When our client complained to upper level management he was terminated and further discriminated against by the head of the organization. Our firm initiated litigation and obtained a swift and favorable result for the client.

In another recent matter our firm represented a young woman terminated from her company as a result of becoming pregnant. The employer terminated our client the morning after she announced her pregnancy to the company with no justification. During the course of the litigation PN partner Joseph D. Nohavicka clearly established that the client was nothing but a stellar employee receiving constant commendation and rewards for her work as well as substantial bonuses compared to her peers. All of this ended less than 24 hours after she announced her pregnancy. The matter ended in a large settlement figure in favor of our client.

Pardalis & Nohavicka, LLP is a New York City commercial and business law firm specializing in Discrimination, Freedom of Speech/Expression/Press and Police Misconduct cases. In the Federal Trial Courts as well as the Trial Courts for the City and State of New York. Feel free to contact our trial team with any questions at 718.777.0400 or by E-mail.

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